We are Sniff and Snails

We’re on a mission to inspire and empower children from all backgrounds and experiences to tinker and create with technology. 

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Our kits and content are designed to teach STEAM skills for the 21st century, raise eyebrows and aspirations, smash Technology stereotypes, and grow the next generation of creative problem-solvers.

Kids look up to us grown-ups for inspiration and encouragement. That’s why we’re committed to making it fun and easy for them and you to explore future innovations and tinker with technology.

Together, let’s inspire the next generation of change-makers and leaders to be well-versed in the potential (and pitfalls) of technology. Most importantly, let’s do our bit to ensure they are representative of all of humanity.

Technology will continue to be at the centre of every significant change that us humans are set to experience. We believe that everyone can and should contribute to ‘how’ and ‘when’ it will be used.

Our Story

We spent our early years riding bikes to make-believe planets, launching water rockets over the house, and conducting experiments in the garden shed. It wasn’t long before we had our very own ‘desktop computer’ and the noise of ‘dial-up’ had become a regular household sound. We saw the potential then (and still do) for technology to drive positive change.

It wasn’t until we entered our respective worlds of work that we started to notice disparities. In the workplace we witnessed inequalities and underrepresentation. In schools we saw a lack of Design and Technology (D&T) teachers. At home, parents (including us) are struggling to keep up with technology trends and innovations. And finally, research has indicated that the career aspirations of young people have ‘nothing in common’ with the jobs of the future.

We decided to stop pontificating ‘why’ and ‘what if’ and take action. Sniff and Snails was founded in 2020 to inject diversity into the world of Technology.

Meet Sniff and Snails

Sniff and Snails are siblings that have been tinkering with technology since…..well, pretty much since they can remember.

Sniff (a.k.a Joseph Birks) invented the Crumble controller, which is used in primary schools across the globe to teach physical computing.

Snails (a.k.a Hayley Laidlaw-Wilson) has been working in Technology designing apps and software systems since 2005. 

We Care


Packaging to Product Design

We are passionate about making choices that have a positive impact on the planet our children and future generations will inherit. We believe that the technology exists to make products and packaging that are eco-friendly, and we’re committed to using them.
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Equal Access

We believe that every child has the right to access the education and opportunities that they need to survive and thrive. We know we will struggle to reach some families, but we will never give up. We’re furiously working through options to extend our reach. If you have an idea, please do get in touch.
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Measuring Progress

We founded Sniff and Snails to inject diversity into the world of Technology. To help us stay true to our mission, we will be creating an annual impact report. The report will measure progress against our commitments and take a look at advancements in the industry. Want to get involved?
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