Electricity and Circuits – Grown-up Guide

Say hello to the first in our series of Grown-up Guides. Each guide aims to provide a foundational understanding in what we (Sniff and Snails) believe to be the fundamentals of the future – from basic electronics to artificial intelligence (AI).

In this guide, we refresh our memories about the science behind electricity and circuits. It covers everything you need to know to support kids aged 7 to 11 (Key Stage 2) on their electrical learning journeys. From the workings of a wind turbine to how to control electricity safely. And it’s FREE to download.

If you’re asking yourself why primary school children need to learn about electricity and circuits, you’re not alone. I like to think of it like this….

Every action a computer takes is ultimately based on switches in electrical circuits being on or off. So, learning about electricity and how to control it safely is the first step on their journey to being creators and not just users of technology.

Are you ready to power up your brain and spark their interest? Click on the lovely bright button below.

Happy (re)learning.

Meet our 'Discover' Kits

‘Discover’ kits, for ages 7 to 11, are designed to introduce STEAM skills for the 21st century and help build creative confidence. 

As they make crafty creations and games, they’ll discover how electricity works, learn to code, tinker with robotics, and explore virtual reality.

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