Let’s go on a year of ‘Adventures’

Greetings, fellow parents and young pioneers. It’s time to buckle up for a year of ‘Adventures’ and explore the latest inventions and breakthroughs shaping the world around us.

For the last 12 months, we’ve been focused on bringing the wonders of ‘physical computing’* to your homes – in the form of our Craft + Code kits. This year, we will (of course) add new kits to the range but we also want to do more to ‘raise eyebrows and aspirations, and smash Technology stereotypes’.

As Marian Wright Edelman so brilliantly put it:

” You can’t be what you can’t see.

We agree that mastering the fundamentals laid out in the curriculum is crucial. But, we also believe that children should be made aware of the (rapidly) ‘evolving’ nature of science and technology and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead of them.

If you’re now thinking “but I’ve enough to do”. Fret not, in the words of Mrs Doubtfire…”help is on the way!”.

Having spent nearly two decades (note to self – wowzers!) in the Technology industry, I (Snails) think it’s time for me to impart some knowledge and tap into my contacts for favours (you know who you are :P). As a parent myself (who flits from one drop-off / pick-up to another), I’m not planning on sharing long scholarly articles – here’s what I thought we’d do instead…

Each month I’ll pick a topic (or you can suggest one), like ‘the human body’, ‘plant science’, ‘famous artists’ etc. For each topic, I’ll provide a summary of what’s already covered by the curriculum. Then, we’ll focus on going on a tech ‘Adventure’ (hence, the title of this post :P) and explore how technology is evolving the topic in question. Something like this:

Basically, ‘bitesize’ snippets of information, activities, videos and games for you to share with your kiddies as the month progresses. I’ll then summarise everything in a monthly blog (I know…finally!). If you’re not already signed up to the newsletter, now is probably a good time to do so (scroll below and pop in your email address).

Behind the scenes I’ve been busy preparing for our first ‘Adventure’…into the human body (you’ve probably already guessed that based on the above). All that’s left to do, is for you to grab your explorer hats and get ready to watch your little ones’ eyes widen in amazement (or horror!).

We will be leaving the station in T-5 days (or 1st Feb). Until then….keep tinkering.

(a.k.a. Hayley)

* ‘physical computing’ is just a fancy way of saying using computers to make things move, light-up and even play music.

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