The Human Body 101

This month we’re going on an adventure into ‘The Human Body 2.0’. As a starting point, let’s look at the ‘human body’ concepts your child(ren) will learn about in primary school.

Hello there and welcome to our first 101.

101s are here to help you as a parent understand what your child(ren) will learn about in primary school in relation to each of our monthly topics (or ‘adventures’ – as we like to call them).

So, before we start talking about 3D-printing organs and sharing instructions to build an x-ray machine … here is a summary of what your child will learn about the human body – by school year:

Year 1

Basic Body Parts

The Five Senses

Year 2

Movement and Exercise

Food and Nutrition

Hygiene and Self-care

Year 3

Skeleton and Muscles

Organs and Systems


Year 4

Digestive System


Year 5

Growth and Development

Year 6

Circulatory System


Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle

All set? It’s time to take learning about the human body into the future.

Check out the suggested articles below for hands-on activities, facts and fun that will have young minds (and yours too) exploding for more. 🚀💡

(a.k.a. Hayley)

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