Bright Eyed Caterpillar

Give the hungry caterpillar an extra super power - electricity.


things you will need

  • Blue, green, yellow and red play dough
  • 2 x blue LEDs
  • 1 x 4AA battery pack (and batteries)
  • 1 x circle of card or foam
  • xxx

Make the head

  • Roll the red play dough into a ball to form the caterpillar’s head.
  • Use the green and yellow play dough to make the eyes.

Add the insulator

  • Place the card circle to the back of the caterpillar’s head.
  • Roll some of the green play dough into a ball, so that the ball is the same size as the head.
  • Place the green play dough ball to the card circle.

Make the body

  • Roll two blue play dough balls.
  • Roll two green play dough balls.
  • Place these play dough balls behind the green play dough ball to make the body. 

Add the light

  • Place the long leg of each LED into the caterpillar’s head – ouch!
  • Place the short leg of each LED into the first dough ball of the body.

Power it up

  • Make sure the battery pack is OFF.
  • Insert the red battery wire into caterpillar’s head.
  • Insert the black battery wire into the first dough ball of the body.

Shine bright

Turn the battery pack ON and watch your caterpillar’s eyes light up.

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