Electro Rainbow

Give play dough super powers and brighten up any day with this electro rainbow.


things you will need

  • 5-6 x rainbow colours of play dough
  • 5 x LEDs (red, yellow, green, blue, white)
  • 1 x 4AA battery pack (and batteries)
  • Cotton wool
  • xxx

Roll out the dough

Roll out each colour of dough into a long strip, decreasing the length of each strip.


Make the rainbow

  • Connect each strip of dough to the next.
  • Bend to form an arch and trim as required.

Add an insulator

  • Place the cotton wool to the right hand side of the rainbow arch.
  • Roll out some leftover dough and attached to the cotton wool. 

Add the light

  • Place the long leg of each LED into the matching colour dough strip.
  • Place the short leg of each LED into the single piece of dough connected to the right-hand side of the cotton wool.

Power it up

  • Make sure the battery pack is OFF.
  • Insert the red battery wire into first rainbow strip (red).
  • Insert the black battery wire into the dough attached to the right-hand side of the cotton wool.

Shine bright

Turn the battery pack ON and watch your rainbow light up.

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