Indoor Campfire

Build an indoor Crumble campfire to gather around with your friends or family. What stories will you share? It all started when the door opened with a creeeeeeak…..


things you will need

The following items from the Discover Computing kit:

  • 1 x Crumble
  • 1 x Battery pack
  • 1 x Sparkle
  • 2 x Red croc leads, 2 x Black croc leads, 1 x Green croc lead
  • 1 x USB cable

A computer with a USB port and the Crumble software installed.


  • Orange and yellow tissue paper
  • Small pieces of wood or twigs

Connect the Crumble to power

Use one red croc lead and one black croc lead to connect the Crumble to the battery pack.


Add the Sparkle

  • Attach one red croc lead, one black croc lead and one green croc lead to the connectors on the right hand side of the Crumble.
  • Attach the croc leads to the connectors on the left hand side of the Sparkle.

Connect the Crumble to a computer

Use the USB cable to connect your Crumble circuit to a computer with the Crumble software installed.


Code the flames

  • Snap a ‘do forever’ loop to a program start block.
  • Tell the Crumble to set the Sparkle to orange for 100 milliseconds.
  • Repeat for 2 to 3 more colours of your choice.
  • Turn the battery pack ON.
  • Send your code to the Crumble (using the green triangle) to test it out.

Build the campfire

  • Unplug the USB cable from the Crumble.
  • Place the Crumble circuit on top of the tissue paper.
  • Make sure the battery pack is on and the Sparkle is pointing upwards.
  • Gather the tissue paper from around the Crumble circuit, creating a package.
  • Place the package where you would like to build your campfire.
  • Arrange the twigs or small pieces of wood around your Crumble fire.
  • You’re now all set to gather your friends or family around for some storytelling.

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