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Crafty Coding Workshop

This workshop kicks-off with a 45-minute exploration into the mind-blowing technologies and robots that already exist. From robots that can build houses in less than 2-days to swallowable nanobots that can take pictures from inside your body. 

This eye-opening presentation is delivered by our expert technologist Hayley (aka Snails – who has 18 years experience in the Tech industry). It can be delivered to the entire school or year groups at no extra cost. The purpose of this talk is to showcase why learning about computers and coding is relevant for their future and super exciting!

With excitement levels raised, Hayley moves into the classroom to demonstrate how with just a few croc clips, batteries, a microcontroller*, and some sensors and lights everyone in the room can build and code a computer. The “Wow” moment when students program their first LED sequence never fails to make us smile.

The third part of this workshop involves designing and making a crafty creation / invention powered by their new ‘computers’. This portion of the workshop can be tailored to a theme of your choice. We have worked with schools to make everything from rainforest dioramas to stadium lights and plant water monitors.

* We use the Crumble controller (which was invented by our very own Sniff – aka Joseph Birks) to power all of our workshops.

Topics Covered

All our workshops are designed to align to (and go beyond) the KS2 National Curriculum. Topics covered in this workshop include:

Learning Outcomes

Programming Fundamentals

Circuit Making

Problem Solving

Creative Confidence


The workshops can be a half day (including 45-minute presentation and one classroom session) or a whole day (including 45-minute presentation and two classroom sessions). Workshop timings can be tailored to fit around your school day.

Half day  – £300

Full day – £500

At the end of the each workshop, all classroom participants are given an A5 10-page computing activity booklet. 

Travel costs will apply for schools outside of North-East Wales and Chester areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always on the look out for funding opportunities and would be delighted to support your application.

If funding is required to proceed and is not granted, you can cancel the workshop at no cost. 

Below is a list of funding partners with applications open NOW:

Meet and Code


Hayley (aka Snails) delivers the crafty coding workshop. 

Hayley has 18 years experience in the Technology industry advising companies from Tesco to Natwest.

Hayley is an active STEM ambassador, holds an enhanced DBS check, and was awarded the Teach Computing Primary Computing certificate in 2022.

The workshops require use of school laptops or Chromebooks with a USB port.

All other equipment (use of Crumble classroom kits and craft materials) is provided, enough for a classroom of 32 pupils to work in pairs. 

On an exception basis, Sniff and Snails can provide laptops for use during the workshop.

All Crafty Coding workshops take place in the classroom. 

We've Got You Covered

If you’re looking for something different than above or cannot find a date that works for your school – drop us a note below. We’re a pretty flexible bunch.