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Starter Kit


Unlock a world of craft, code and play. Learn how to code by making crafty creations, gadgets and games.

Build a colour-changing lamp to light up your bedroom. Rig up a disco dome and DJ lights to enjoy with your friends. Code and make games that will have everyone wondering what you’ll invent next.

The Craft + Code Starter kit is designed to go beyond the screen and teach kids the fundamentals of computer programming, whilst making fun creations they can play with.

As they work through five projects, they’ll learn how to program a small computer (called the Crumble – find out more) to respond to inputs and control outputs.

No prior coding experience needed, programming the Crumble is as simple as snapping together colourful blocks of code.

Additional information:

  • Requires computer with keyboard and USB port.
  • Works with PC (Windows 7 SP1 or later), Mac (OS X 10.9 and above), or Chromebook (Chrome OS).
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Batteries included.

“Connecting the virtual world with something that is real, physical, and tangible, can be a real motivating factor for students who are used to purely screen-based programming.”

James Robinson, Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Topics Covered

All Craft and Code kits are designed to align to (and go beyond) the KS2 National Curriculum. Topics covered in this kit include:

How It Works

Follow step-by-step instructions to code and build the projects included. Then, watch them invent their own as they grow in creative confidence. 


Learn the fundamentals of programming by snapping together blocks of code to make crafty creations and games.


Visit our virtual shed to discover more projects to make with your kit – for free! Try light painting or build a Crumble campfire.


Encourage them to use the kit and their imagination to design and build their own creations.

What's Included

  • 1 x Crumble controller
  • 1 x Sparkle (controllable light – RGB LED)
  • 1 x Sparkle baton (strip of 8 Sparkles)
  • 1 x button switch
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 1 x 3AA battery pack
  • 3 x AA alkaline batteries
  • 12 x croc clip leads
  • All craft supplies required to make the projects included in the booklet
  • 1 x 88-page full colour instructions / project workbook

Learning Outcomes

Programming Fundamentals

Circuit Making

Problem Solving

Creative Confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

Rest assured, no prior coding knowledge is required to enjoy our Craft and Code kits.


Each kit includes step-by-step instructions designed to introduce and guide your child (and you!) through the exciting world of coding.

The Crumble controller is a mini computer that can be programmed to control inputs and outputs - like sensors, switches, lights, sound, motors and wheels.

The Crumble was invented by our very own Sniff (Joseph Birks) - way to go bro!

What’s more, the Crumble and all the components included in the Starter kit are manufactured by Sniff at his workshop in Saffron Walden, UK.


Find out more here.

You will need to download and install software to program the Crumble on a computer with a keyboard and USB port.

The Crumble software is free to download and can be installed on a PC (Windows 7 SP1 or later), Mac (OS X 10.9 and above), or Chromebook (Chrome OS).

All Craft and Code kits are designed to spark the curiosity and creativity of young minds aged 7 and over. We appreciate every child is wonderfully unique, therefore, request adult supervision to ensure each kit remains maximally enjoyable.

Everything you need to complete the five projects included can be found in the kit, even batteries.


You can find more creations, gadgets and games to make with your kit in our virtual shed - these projects may require additional materials.

That’s a great question and it really depends on the child (and adult!). Typically (for a child age 7 and with no snack breaks), the time taken to complete the projects in the Starter kit ranges from 30 to 90 minutes.

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