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AdventuresLight and Colour

Light 101

This month we’re going on an adventure and exploring our ‘deLIGHTful Life’. As a starting point, let’s look at the ‘Light’ concepts your child(ren) will learn about in primary school.

AdventuresHuman Body

5 FREE Websites and Apps to Explore the Human Body

Help your child discover how the human body works with these free printables, quizzes, and apps.

AdventuresHuman Body

5-minute Home Lab: Exploring the Senses

Spark your child’s interest in learning about the human body with these speedy ‘sense’ experiments to try at home.

AdventuresHuman Body

The Human Body 101

This month we’re going on an adventure into ‘The Human Body 2.0’.

As a starting point, let’s look at the ‘human body’ concepts your child(ren) will learn about in primary school.


Let’s go on a year of ‘Adventures’

Greetings, fellow parents and young pioneers. It’s time to buckle up for a year of ‘Adventures’ and explore the latest inventions and breakthroughs shaping the world around us.

Grown-up GuidesTips

Electricity and Circuits – Grown-up Guide

Say hello to the first in our series of Grown-up Guides. Each guide aims to provide a foundational understanding in what we (Sniff and Snails) believe to be the fundamentals of the future – from basic electronics to artificial intelligence (AI).


10 Podcasts for Quiet Time

Podcasts are a great way for kids to learn, be entertained and get a break from the screen. There are some fantastic family-friendly podcasts out there, all aimed to spark the curiosity and imaginations of kids and grown-ups alike. Let’s take a look.


Video Call Games

They’re not in the same league as Hungry Hippos and you can’t tip the board over when you lose (apparently this is a thing, I wouldn’t know). Nonetheless, virtual game nights are becoming the new norm and we are loving them.

Tech News

Fashion Grown in a Lab

Technologists, scientists and designers coming together to reshape the fashion industry. From new materials to more efficient manufacturing processes – nothing is off limits.

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