10 Podcasts for Quiet Time

Podcasts are a great way for kids to learn, be entertained and get a break from the screen. There are some fantastic family-friendly podcasts out there, all aimed to spark the curiosity and imaginations of kids and grown-ups alike. Let’s take a look.

Our top 10 podcasts will have kids laughing and learning at the same time. From wonderfully whacky stories to the why, what, and when of scientific discoveries. This list has something for everyone.

Happy listening and peace out.

Wow in the World leads listeners on a journey of exploration deep into the wonders of science, technology and innovation. Hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas delve into the who, what, when, where, how and Wow in the World of everything from flying taxis to homegrown genomes. There’s now also an accompanying interactive game show (Two Whats and a Wow) where kids are encouraged to join in with daily STEAM challenges. Watch as their eyes open wide and jaws drop.

Brains On! is a weekly science podcast aimed at curious kids and adults alike. There’s a huge backlog of episodes to work through, each one lasting about 30 minutes. What I like about Brains On! is that it’s co-hosted (alongside grown-up Molly Bloom) by a different kid each week. Together they search for answers to all sorts of wonderous questions. Like, do plants have feelings? and why do we lie?

If 30-minutes is just that little bit too long, then give Tumble a whirl. Each episode lasts about 15 minutes and, with the help of real scientists, explores the stories behind scientific discoveries. Perhaps you’ve been wondering about “the science of smell” or “what the Earth would be like if volcanoes didn’t exist”, Tumble has you covered and can be enjoyed by the whole family. A bonus is the accompanying blog posts, which include extra content and activities for those wanting to delve deeper into a particular topic.

A podcast for the younger listener, The Show About Science is hosted by 9-year old Nate. Nate has been hosting this science podcast since he was 5 years old and is quite the interviewer! Listen to him question scientists and educators about everything from climate change to nanotechnology here.

The phrase “there is no such thing as a silly question” springs to mind when I think of this podcast. We’ve had some fantastic questions sprung on us by our 5-year old this week. “Why aren’t sheep social distancing?” was perhaps my favourite. All “But Why” podcast topics are based on questions submitted by kids. So, next time you’re stuck for an answer why not fire it off to the “But Why” team. All you need to do is record their questions via a voice note on your phone and send it off. More details can be found here. You’re welcome.

“What If World” is similar to the “But Why” podcast, but only in the sense that kids can submit questions. The host, Mr Eric O’Keefe, takes inspiration from these questions and crafts them into wonderfully whacky stories. Expect lots of funny voices, crazy characters and offbeat tales. Think Mrs Doubtfire for the 21st century. My favourite thing about this podcast is that each story ends with a “life lesson”; something Daddy Sniff and Snails used to always do. “So, what’s the moral of the story?” he’d always ask.

If you know a kid that’s obsessed with space, then this podcast is for them. It’s not officially a podcast for kids, however, each episode is full of fun facts and the discussions are easy to follow. Plus, it’s the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center so that’s pretty cool. Tune in and listen to astronauts, engineers, scientists and program leaders share their stories and expertise on all things space. From how experiments in space are making a difference on Earth to what it’s really like to be an astronaut. 

If you need the left side of the brain to have a rest, then look no further than Story Pirates. Comedians, musicians, authors, teachers and special guests come together to create wacky comedy sketches and songs based on stories written by kids. If you’re left wanting more, you could join the Story Pirates Creator Club and listen to their radio show, watch live stream dance workshops and download bonus activities. Next on our playlist is Rosie the Rose and The Soup featuring Kristen Bell (yes, that is Anna from Frozen).

If pirates aren’t your thing, how about some cheeky fun with David Walliams. This podcast isn’t about Gangsta Granny; instead, each episode sees Walliams bring to life the stories of composers, ballet and the world’s strangest instruments. Warning: this podcast will result in lots of giggles. Did you know that Mozart apparently loved a good ‘ole fart joke?

And finally, if it’s nearing bedtime, check out the audio version of the best-selling book Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. This podcast shares the true stories of extraordinary women and is narrated by strong modern women, like Melinda Gates and Priscilla Chan. Each story is told in a way that’s simple enough for kids to follow. Rebels of all genders will be inspired to ‘dream bigger, aim higher, and fight harder’.

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