Bat Paper Airplane

Make a paper airplane that flies (and actually flaps it's wings!) like a bat.


things you will need

  • 1 x A4 piece of paper 
  • 1 x 30cm ruler

Top Tips

  • Use paper about 90 to 110gsm thick.
  • If you live somewhere wet like us (North Wales, UK), use tracing paper. Normal paper gets wet quite quickly i.e. after a few bat landings on wet grass.

Make the first fold

Fold the paper in half width ways.


Add two folds

Open the paper back up again and fold in both sides towards the centre fold.


Make the wings

  • Fold back the right hand flap – top left hand corner to bottom right.
  • Repeat for the left hand flap – top right hand corner to bottom left.

Make a point

  • Take the top right hand corner and fold towards the centre fold.
  • Repeat with the top left hand corner.

Turnover and fold the point

  • Turn over the piece of paper.
  • Take the point and fold it back on itself, so it meets the opposite edge of the paper.

Fold in the sides

Fold in the top right and top left hand corners to meet the base of the upside down triangle.


Fold back the point

Fold the upside down triangle back on  itself, so that it is now pointing upwards.


Turnover and fold the triangle over again

  • Turn the paper over.
  • Fold the peak of the triangle towards you.

Make the launcher

  • Fold the bat in half.
  • Fold each bat wing back on itself, approx. 1cm from the middle crease. This will create something for you to hold when you’re ready to launch the bat.
1 0

Ready to fly

  • Your bat airplane is now ready to fly.
  • Hold underneath the front of the bat and launch your bat into the sky.
  • To make the bat wings flap, it will need a good ‘ole throw.

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