Web Catapult

Launch a spider into the air with this super springy elastic band catapult.


things you will need

  • Wide (enough to fit a small hand) cardboard tube. We used a well-known snack brand and cut out the bottom.
  • 4 x wooden lolly sticks
  • Tape
  • 5 x elastic bands
  • Plastic spiders
  • xxx

Tape two lolly sticks

  • Tape one lolly stick to the outside of the cardboard tube.
  • Tape another lolly stick directly opposite – also to the outside of the tube.

Create a square

Tape the two remaining lolly sticks to the outside of the tube – creating a square shape.


Attach one elastic band

  • Place one elastic band around the outside of the lolly stick square.
  • Hook the elastic band around each of the lolly sticks – as shown.

Add one more

  • Add another elastic band around the lolly stick square, above the existing band.
  • Take one corner of the bottom elastic band and pull it over the second elastic band and the top of the lolly stick.
  • Repeat for all corners.

Add 3 more elastic bands

Repeat steps 4 and 5 three times.


Test your catapult

  • Pop a spider on top of the elastic web.
  • Place your hand inside of the tube.
  • Pull back and hold the middle of the elastic web.
  • Release (making sure no-one or thing is in the firing line) and watch your spider launch into the air.

Make a game

Set-up a web to aim at and load your catapult. How many spiders can you get to land on the web?

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